POD-Pupil Online Database

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In reference to POD- Pupil Online Database on which schools are working currently in registering school records. We are all asked to record information regarding our pupils onto a central database which will be used by Department of Education/Skills authorised personnel and school personnel. The Board of Management act as Data Controllers and we are currently working on a policy explaining this role, the reasons behind gathering the data and how it is stored.

Many of you filled in POD Record Sheets before Christmas regarding your children. We ask the remainder of you who have not submitted forms as of yet to please do so on the form in the bags today. If there is no form in the bag then we have the information we need and you need not be concerned. In order for us as a school to fulfill our obligations we need all parents/guardians to ensure their form is filled and returned. Please note that signatures are needed for specific information to be passed on such as Religion/Ethnic Background.