Learning Support

The Learning Support Team


Gaelscoil Inse Chór endeavors to provide support in a consistent and systematic way. We adhere to the guidelines as set out in “Special Educational Needs, A Continuum of Support” as recommended by the Department of Education and Skills. It is our aim to supply support in a manner that delivers acute and directed interventions, which requires diligent ongoing assessment and a co-operative approach between the Learning Support Teacher, the Class Teacher and the parent’s. 


The Continuum of Support


Classroom Support

Image result for classroomClassroom Support is the most common, and typically the first response to emerging
needs. It is a response for pupils who have distinct or individual educational needs and who
require approaches to learning and/or behaviour which are additional to or different from                                                               
those required by other pupils in their class.
Problem solving at this level typically begins when a parent or teacher has concerns about an
individual pupil. The teacher and parents discuss the nature of the problem and consider
strategies which may be effective. Classroom Support incorporates the simple, informal
problem-solving approaches commonly used by class teachers to support emerging needs.


School Support

Learning Support Assistant Cover Letter Example - CV PlazaIn some cases interventions at classroom support level are not enough to fully meet the pupil’s
special educational needs. School Support may, therefore, be required.The class teacher needs
to involve the learning support/resource teachers in the problem-solving process at this point and
it involves more systematic gathering of information and the development and monitoring of a
School Support Plan or an Individual Pupil Learning Profile (IPLP).


School Support Plus

Image result for neps psychologistsIf a pupil’s special educational needs are severe and/or persistent, they are likely to need
intensive support. School Support Plus will generally involve personnel outside the school
team in the problem solving, assessment and intervention process. However, the information
from Classroom and School Support work will provide the starting point for problem-solving
at this level. Classroom support and school support will continue to be an important element
of his/her individual education plan.