Rang 4

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Fáilte go leathanach Rang 4 

Múinteoir Mairéad

Is as do Gaoth Dobhair, Dún na nGall do mhúinteoir Mairéad. Tá capall, madra agus dhá asal aici mar pheata i nDún na Gall. Is cuma léi cén rang a fhaigheann sí an bhliain seo chugainn mar go dtaitníonn siad ar fad léi. Is fearr léi múineadh Mata agus Ealaín. D’ Fhreastal sí ar Scoil Adhamhnáin don bunscoil agus don mhéanscoil, d’fhreastal sí ar Phobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair. Is breá léi léitheóireacht a mhúineadh agus is í J.K. Rowling an scríbhneoir is fearr léi. 





You can help your child to learn at home by:

  • encouraging your child to read a range of material in both languages, visiting the local library weekly and asking your child questions about his/her reading. Although your child is older he/she will still enjoy sharing books with you. You could take turns in reading aloud pages from a novel and thus sustain reading over a period of time. 
  • Showing you value writing by creating many reasons for writing in the home. 
  • helping your child to use the computer at home or in the local library to write emails or other kinds of personal writing. 


  • giving your child shopping receipts and bills with the totals removed and asking him/her to estimate and then calculate the total cost. 
  • encourage him/her to use a calculator. 
  • encouraging your child to collect, analyse and present data in natural ways.
  • asking questions which encourage your child to use mental mathematical strategies learned in school. 

Here are some links we hope you will find helpful:


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