(English) General Meeting 2014/15

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There will be a general meeting in the hall on Tuesday/ Wednesday, September 23rd/24th. This is an informative meeting with some policies/aims being presented in the hall with Ciarán and also with plans and aims being presented in the individual classrooms. This year, in an effort to allow parents to attend more than one class meeting we have staggered the timetables as follows:

Junior Infants- 12:30pm in the hall (Tuesday 23rd)

Senior Infants, Rang 1, Rang 4A, Rang 4S- Begin at  7:30in- 8:00 in classrooms.

Senior Infants-~Rang 5- In the hall with Ciarán 8:00-8:30in

Rang 2, Rang 3, Rang 5- in classrooms -8:30-9:00in.

Parents of Rang 6 will be in the classroom with Colm from 8:pm-9:pm.